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Sugar: The Secret Skin Assassin

Sugar: The Secret Skin Assassin!
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
of a Favorite Food Pastime

By: Ron Cummings

The Good

Wow, we sure like our sugar. After all, what’s not to like? I mean, what’s better with a glass of milk than a couple of chocolate chip cookies? Imagine that it’s the end of a long, hard day; you get home and put on your favorite TV show, kick your feet up and dig in to a bowl of your favorite ice cream covered in an assortment of decadent toppings.  And, for millions of us, that mid-day candy bar is just a regular part of life. Let’s face it – our favorite sugar-laden goodies are just flat out pleasing, comforting and of course delicious! Sugar satisfies one of our favorite desires: instant gratification. We love sugar; we crave it. It’s just plain good.

The Bad

With that being said, there’s not a single one of us who doesn’t know that sugar, especially in excess, is bad for us. It’s terrible for our teeth, destroys our mood, makes us gain weight and severely alters our overall blood chemistry. We have to admit that sugar simply ruins our health. Naturally, we continue to indulge our sugar obsession, despite the detrimental consequences of eating sugar. We can all agree life is too short not to enjoy our favorite dessert, right? – Lots of things are bad for us, so what’s the big deal?  If enjoying sugar means an extra few pounds around my midsection, then I guess that’s okay, right?

Some of us think that, maybe, if I just watch my sugar intake a little and not go too crazy, then I’ll be able to enjoy the good of sugar and, maybe, the bad of sugar won’t really affect me too much. When it comes to sugar, most of us are willing to take the good with the bad, because we want to have our cake and eat it too.

By now, most of us have been bombarded by endless antisugar messages. There are always new studies on how sugar adversely affects our health, our kids’ attention spans, and the obesity problem that seems to be getting worse by the year.  No matter what anti-sugar messages we read, see and hear, we simply refuse to give up our beloved sugar.

However, there is a new and powerful message coming out from the scientific community about sugar, and whether it’s time for us to give it up.

The Ugly

Sugar is making you ugly! What? – Yes! Excess sugar in our bodies is now being revealed as one of the most damaging elements to our appearance. As it turns out, these sweet little sugar molecules are leading a double life. After they pass over our taste buds and give us that amazing sugar buzz, these appealing friends of ours change their personalities and go on a seek-and-destroy mission. In a process called glycation, excess sugar in our blood stream in reality attacks the proteins throughout our bodies. As a matter of fact, these sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins – much like a parasite. Once bonding happens, that particular protein becomes glycated; or, in other words, sick.

A recently glycated protein becomes misshapen, hardened, does not function correctly and excretes exotoxins that affect surrounding proteins. After the glycation process has run its course, the protein is referred to as an Advanced Glycation End Product, or A.G.E. for short.

A real-world example of glycation in action is the browning and hardening process when placing a piece of bread in the toaster. 

This is where the ugly part comes in. Our skin is essentially one giant protein suit that covers us and protects all of our inner workings from the outside world. Most people are aware that the main protein in human skin is collagen, the proteins of which are very long lasting. They have a half-life of approximately 15 years and are not immune to the effects of glycation. Just like other proteins, when collagen becomes glycated, that protein is now considered an A.G.E. Like others, collagen proteins become misshapen, hardened, brittle and excrete exotoxins. While you can’t see the effects of most proteins in your body when they become glycated, the effects of glycation on skin proteins becomes very evident.

Essentially, every visible sign we attribute to aging skin – including wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, sagging, uneven skin tones, stress, loss of elasticity, etc. – can all be attributed to the process of glycation.

Glycation becomes more evident in your appearance when sugar molecules attack the surface proteins on the fine capillaries of your skin. This process causes your capillaries to leak, causing what we recognize as spider veins. The same process can happen in the under-eye area, which we recognize as dark circles.

The most demoralizing aspect of glycation is the fact that once a protein has become glycated, or is now considered an A.G.E., the damage is permanent. Glycation is an additive effect and probably begins as soon as we’re born, affecting us throughout our lifetime.

If you’ve read or have been told that environmental factors like the sun, wind, weather and pollution age our skin the most, that would be correct, but it’s not the whole story.  Glycation is the chemical process which enables these environmental factors to damage our skin. For instance, when radiation from the sun strikes and penetrates our skin, it accelerates the glycation process. (Recall my mention of toasting a piece of bread.)

It seems a little unfair. In most cases, if I give up a certain vice, then my body, given enough time, will generally recover. If I start eating a better diet, I’ll most likely lose weight and be healthier. If I give up smoking, in most cases, my lungs, heart and blood pressure can return to normal. Nevertheless, once your proteins have been glycated, you’re pretty much out of luck; the damage has been done – end of story.

Well … almost. You see, if you go online right now and do a search on the process of glycation, you will read much of what you’ve read here, including the fact that once a protein has become an A.G.E., it’s irreversible. Recent studies have shown some promising discoveries that may allow us to not only help prevent further damage from glycation, but also help affected proteins return to their normal state, function and appearance!

Powerful, new and topically applied serums have shown the remarkable ability to help block the glycation process and break the bond between the sugar molecules and the protein affected. In a recent clinical trial conducted in France, 500 women were treated with a serum derived from a naturally occurring plant extract. At the end of the 60-day trial, the 500 women appeared an average of 8 to 10 years younger.

No doubt that a whole new category of anti-glycation treatments will soon be available in the marketplace. Based on projections, anti-glycation products will become as popular as the anti-oxidants, sunscreens and moisturizers of today.
For a detailed description of how glycation ages your skin and how you can stop and even reverse the process, go to

About Ron Cummings

Ron Cummings is the founder and CEO of AminoGenesis Skin Care, which utilizes amino acids as the key ingredients to its age- and damage-reversing products. The formula for the solution features 17 plant-purified amino acids, which are necessary for healthy and radiant skin. The company’s formulas include anti-glycation properties, which are very rare in today’s skin-care products. Cummings donated one of his products, a protective agent, to support military forces in Afghanistan and received a hearty letter of gratitude from the Marines of Special Operations Company Bravo, which described the product’s excellent performance, as well as a flag that was flown “in the face of the enemy, over Forward Operating Base Robinson in Sangin, Afghanistan.”   

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Fourth of July Fashion Tips 2014

Nothing says summer like July 4th; with a hotdog in one hand, a drink in the other and fireworks lighting up the sky, celebrating America's birthday is truly one of the best celebrations. With plans made, a true fashionista must find an appropriately themed ensemble without looking like a star spangled banner.

Below, we have compiled styles for the two go-to destinations of the weekend; chic plus-size bathing suits from for the beach and flowy sundresses from to beat the heat as you head to the BBQ.

Here are a few fashion tips for the beach:

Anne Cole Plus Size White Mesh Bandeau Swimsuit

s4a Boho Plus Size Gold Foil Kimono Dress

City Chic Seychelles Stripe Tanikini

City Chic Mustique Kaftan

Delta Burke Delta Burke® "Shirred Top" 2-Piece Skirtini Swimsuit

Delta Burke Red Plus Size Twist Front Swimsuit

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Seashell Tie Front Bandeau Halter Swimdress

Kiyonna Sand and Glam Illusion Swimsuit

Roaman's Gauze Angel Coverup
$49.99 - $54.99

Here are a few fashion tips for attending a barbecue.

SuperJeweler Bracelet | eShakti Dress | SuperJeweler Earrings

eShakti Dress | SuperJeweler Earrings

SuperJeweler Bracelet | eShakti Dress | SuperJeweler Earrings

eShakti Dress | SuperJeweler Necklace

View additional 4th of July 2014 fashion tips on the Apparel Search fashion blog.

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Bershan Shaw to Release

Motivational speaker, businesswoman and author Bershan Shaw is set to officially launch the release of, a social networking platform where people can publicly and privately share their stories of overcoming adversity. Armed with newfound purpose and to make an impact, Bershan’s life goal is to help people reinvent themselves, step into their greatness and find their warrior within. Bershan Shaw will host a launch event to honor Warriors in the industry dedicated to assisting and educating people in finding their way to a healthier and better life. The launch event will be held on Wednesday, June 4 at INGLOT Studios, 75 9th Avenue New York, NY from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

The Celebrity Honorees include:

Amber Sabathia, Executive Director of PitCCh In Foundation & wife of CC Sabathia, pitcher for the New York Yankees. Their main focus is to enrich the lives of inner city youth in the New York Tri State and in their home town of Vallejo, CA.

Yandy Smith, Star of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop and President and CMO of EGL “Everything Girls Love” dedicated to empower and uplift women in all aspects.  The goal of EGL is to provide women with resources to help them live a full life.

Sharon Carpenter, Award-winning broadcast journalist and producer who currently serves as a host on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ innovative new music network, Revolt TV.

The Everyday Warriors include:

Nicole Winn, Ambassador for the American Heart Association, who recently launched their Heart Disease Awareness Month campaign in Times Square and throughout New York. The campaign focuses on helping women across America fight the battle against heart disease.

Justine Grant, Model diagnosed with lupus November 2013. Modeling and living with lupus is difficult to juggle, so Justine decided to focus her attention on bringing awareness to such a tragic and mysterious disease.

Additionally, several “Everyday Warriors” throughout the tri-state area who use art, poetry and photography as their medium to express their pain, suffering, loss and everyday struggles, have been invited to exhibit their work. They will share their stories of amazing strength and personal journey to finding their inner Warrior. 

The URAWARRIOR platform, which includes the “Warrior Wall,” started as an online awareness campaign, which has now evolved into a social networking platform with the mission to inspire others to not live in fear and silence. Dubbed the “Facebook for support and healing,” the website features a community page — where current topics users are discussing are posted; blogs — original articles are submitted by users and dedicated bloggers; a “peeps” section — to release thoughts, videos and pictures, as well as a string of user driven conversations. Resources are also made available for each topic in discussion to ensure users receive the assistance needed. A shop tab for the URAWARRIOR inspirational jewelry created by Bershan is also available.


In April, on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network's new docu-series “Love in the City,” viewers were introduced to Bershan Shaw as a survivor – in every sense of the word. The show featured the fast-paced lives of four fabulous and real life friends living in New York City, displaying their everyday lives as women dealing with careers, romance, and life-altering struggles. Although life for Bershan may be fabulous now, just a few years ago, that couldn’t have been further from reality.  After surviving breast cancer the first time in 2007, Bershan was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2009 and told she only had three months to live. This devastating news sent Bershan on a journey to change her life and help others. Bershan worked tirelessly on her physical, mental, and spiritual health. She became a certified life coach and founded – an online social networking site for support. Armed with newfound determination and purpose, Bershan’s life goal is to help people reinvent themselves, step into their greatness and find their warrior within. Five years later, Bershan has no evidence of disease and is helping others become a warrior.

For more information about and URAWARRIOR Line of Jewelry, visit:
For more information about Bershan Shaw, visit:,

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