Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Fashion Blogs WordPress

Here are some of the best fashion blogs from WordPress that I thought you may find of interest.  OK, before I go any further, I think that I should be forth coming.  In fairness to the readers of this blog post, I should be clear to indicate that these links below have not been officially voted as the best fashion blogs on WordPress by anyone other then myself.  The reality is that I am the only person voting.  It is equally important to note that not only am I the only judge, I am also not reviewing many different blogs.  Essentially, I have looked at my own posts on WordPress and have nominated them, judged them, and declared them the winners. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Feeds for Better Content

If you are interested in adding fashion content to your website, you may want to think about using fashion feeds.  Below are a few examples for your reference. 

Blogger Fashion Feeds
Fashion Newspaper Blog Feed

You can learn more from the fashion content feed section on Apparel Search.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Associated Merchadising Corp AMC

Is AMC still an active buying group for Target.  Below is an old description, but not sure if they are still active.  The link to the Associated Merchandising Group from the apparel buying groups page on Apparel Search (link below) just goes now to the Target website.  This link will be removed today from Apparel Search.

Associated Merchandising Corp (AMC) The Associated Merchandising Corporation (AMC) might have picked out the clothes you're wearing right now. The company, which does business as Target Sourcing Services/AMC, provides apparel-sourcing and product-development services for its parent company, retail giant Target. Target Sourcing Services/AMC spots trends; designs apparel, accessories, and housewares; arranges for their production; and oversees retail delivery of the merchandise. The company operates from more than 50 offices in some 40 countries worldwide. It was founded in 1918 and acquired by Target in 1998.

Is AMC still active?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cotton Prices : Cotton Price Search

Cotton is clearly very important to the fashion industry.  In fact, cotton is critically important to the entire world.  When working in the apparel industry, the price of cotton becomes an important topic of interest.  If cotton prices increase, the clothing prices should surely follow.  If price fluxuation is small, it is possible that clothes prices will not move drastically (or at all).  However, if the price increases in cotton is severe, as seen over the past year, garment prices most likely also must increase.
Below are a few searches to help you learn more about cotton prices
cotton price chart 
cotton prices 

From the following cotton links, you can learn about the futures market:
cotton futures 
cotton futures charts 
cotton futures prices 
cotton futures market 
cotton futures trading 

When raw cotton fiber prices increase, the cotton fabric prices will also increase.  It then becomes up to the apparel manufacturer if they will increase the cost of their garments to their buyers. 
Try the following if you are searching for historical data regarding cotton prices:

cotton prices historicalcotton prices 2010
cotton prices 2009 
cotton prices 2008

We hope that you find this information about cotton prices to be helpful to you and your business.

Do you think that apparel manufacturers should raise pricing for cotton shirts and pants every time cotton cost increases?  Or should clothing prices remain relatively unchanged?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mobile Apps - Fashion Apps

Wow, another day, another new app... New fashion apps are poping up nearly every day.  It is getting hard to keep up with the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is true that not all mobile fashion apps are created equal.  Some are fantastic and others are blah to put it mildly.  Here are a few iPhone mobile apps that we thought you may want to investigate.  You can make your own determination if these are good mobile fashion apps or just blah.
StyleBook App
Gucci App App
Love It Or Lose It App 
Evernote App
Lucky At Your Service Digital App 
Chictopia App

Learn more about mobile apps for fashion (fashion apps) on Apparel Search.

If you are interested, you can disucss these mobile application and others on the Fashion Industry Network.  If you have suggestions regarding new mobile apps that we should check out, please let us know. 

If your fashion business has its own app, your are welcome to post information about your mobile apps on the Apparel Search Facebook wall.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Apparel Industry Guides

When you are looking for apparel industry guides, you first stop should be Apparel Search.

From their you can find other apparel industry guides.  Below are a few examples:

Fashion Industry Directories - find women's fashion directories, boutiques, men's clothing, childrenswear, and more.
Textile Industry Directories - find fabric manufacturers, textile machinery distributors, etc.

Employment Guides - fashion industry career guides

Clothing Model Directory - online guide for fashion models, modeling agencies, stylists, fashion photographers etc.
Fashion Week Directory - guide of the international fashion week events.
Global Sources Apparel & Textile Sourcing Reports & Magazines  The Apparel & Textile Sourcing Reports and Fashion Magazines have been developed and maintained by Global Sources. Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote these useful resources to the international fashion community.

Fashiondex guide to apparel industry books.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Columbia Sportswear Company

Columbia Sportswear Company is a leading innovator in the global active outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment markets. Founded in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, Columbia products are sold in more than 100 countries and have earned an international reputation for innovation, quality and performance. Columbia products feature innovative technologies and designs that protect outdoor enthusiasts from the elements, increase comfort, and make outdoor activities more enjoyable. In addition to the Columbia brand, Columbia Sportswear Company also owns outdoor brands Mountain Hardwear®, Sorel®, and Montrail®.

Learn more about Columbia Sportswear on the Apparel Search fashion industry directory.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apparel News Classifieds

Do you remember back to the time when you would search thru the apparel news classifieds in the newspapers made of actual paper?  Before the time of online fashion newspapers and online fashion classifieds.  To me, it almost seems like reading the "paper" newspaper is a distant memory.  In all honesty, I can not remember the last time I flipped through the pages of the DNR, WWD, etc.
Do you read apparel news classifieds?  Where do you go to read them?  Possibly, you still enjoy reading the offline options.
Learn about more online apparel news resources.
Learn more about apparel classifieds online.
By the way, online apparel magazines and offline apparel magazines often have an apparel classifieds section.
Also, don't forget to read more apparel news at the Apparel Search fashion news section.
Thank you for taking the time to reading this blog post.  Hopefully, it did not bore you too much.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashionable Secrets of Mobile Engagement : Apparel Retailers Mobile Strategy

What does it take for apparel retailers to develop a smart mobile strategy?  Do you work for an apparel retailer?  Does your company have a plan?
Sure having fashion apps is cool.  But is that all that is needed for adequate mobile engagement with your customers.  Developing a smart mobile strategy is not a game.  It is important to do the proper research, be inventive and properly execute your strategy.
It may be time for you to go live with a fashionable, stylish, and more importantly an effective mobile engagement with your stores consumers.
Lets discuss apparel retailers mobile strategy at the Fashion Industry Network.  We can start a discussion on the subject in the fashion technology group.  After all, "mobile" is here because of technology...

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