Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cross-Body Bags from Epiphanie

One trend that’s consistent with fashionable girls-on-the-go are cross-body bags. Get the look celebs and the stylish set are carrying with Epiphanie’s Charlotte carryall, a bag that seamlessly marries form and function.  Don’t let these bags fool you, they may look simple, yet, each bag features protective padding, adjustable dividers and pockets that provide space to keep everything in place. Coming in a variety of colors, the Charlotte bag can easily become a staple in your closet ($154.99, 

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Julianna Margulies Lovely in New York

Julianna Margulies wore a red wool flare-skirt coat from the Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi Fall/Winter 2013 collection on October 28th in New York

Danielle Fishel Wears TACORI Jewelry on Her Wedding Day

Boy Meets World star, Danielle Fishel wed her high school sweetheart, Tim Belusko while wearing TACORI! Danielle recently revealed gorgeous shots from her special day, where she complemented her lace wedding dress with TACORI .25ct Diamond French Wire Earrings (#FE 6671 7.5, $2,100) as well as .84ct Diamond Stud Earrings (#FE 526 4, $5,620; 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wash and Wear Do You Care

Wash and Wear refers to the ability of a garment to be washed by hand or in a washing machine and require no ironing.  In common usage, drip-dried garments do not retain creases or pleats and recover sufficiently from wrinkles to need little, if any ironing.

When you purchase clothing from a clothing store or an online retailer, do you care if the garment requires no ironing?  When you are planning to buy clothing, how important is this issue in your decision making process?

Learn more about care labeling and wash care instructions from the care label guide on Apparel Search.

If you have additional information regarding the term Wash and Wear, please share your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Creep It Real Fashion for this Halloween

Creep it Real this Halloween season by dressing festive, but can be worn in your everyday life! Hi! Expectation, Transmission, Lavand, Members Only, Hipanema, and Milk The Goat’s fall pieces are perfect for a trip to the pumpkin patch or haunted hayride and can be worn year round. This October you don’t have to sacrifice your style to have a spooky look!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jerry Garcia Art on Garcia Artwear Scarves

Garcia Artwear has launched a new collection of scarves inspired by the artwork of legendary guitarist and visual artist Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Tapping into the trend of stylish and functional scarves, the rocker-chic designs are wearable and collectible at an affordable price point of $39.50. 

Garcia Artwear designs capture the beauty of select paintings and drawings created by Jerry Garcia, who is not only revered worldwide as a beloved musician but also gained fame as a prolific artist. The collection initially features four designs based on Jerry Garcia’s colorful, whimsical artwork and launches on October 15, 2013. The designers of Garcia Artwear have deep roots in the fashion industry. Members of the team that originally created J. Garcia Art in Neckwear, neckties that were a popular fashion staple throughout the 1990s, have collaborated to develop this new collection. Garcia Artwear is licensed by The Garcia Family LLC and created by the Titan Design Group. 

The full collection of Garcia Artwear scarves is currently available at and will soon be available on

Garcia Artwear: A Look at the Scarf Collection
The first scarf designs launching in October 2013 feature four distinct styles made of 100% viscose and 100% polyester, in a selection of bold hues and softer palettes. These designs capture the beauty of select paintings and drawings by Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, telling a visual story of the artwork that each design emulates. Styles include:
· Banyan Trees: A soft-hued scarf with a touch of breezy sophistication, available in red and pink colorways. This scarf is inspired by Jerry Garcia’s popular watercolor painting called Banyan Trees, which are prolific on The Big Island of Hawaii in which Garcia found a second home. Material: 100% viscose. Dimensions: 68” x 28” with 3” knotted string fringe.
· Dawn At The Ritz: A richly colored scarf with an artful watercolor effect. Available in original (the colors of sunrise), sage and teal colorways. The impressionistic look of Jerry Garcia’s Dawn at the Ritz watercolor is captured in this scarf, emulating the vibrant hues of the Manhattan skyline as seen from his hotel room window in the early morning. Material: 100% viscose. Dimensions: 68” x 28” with 3” knotted string fringe.
· Feeding in the Light: An artistic collage of color, available in original (dusty orange), blue and teal colorways. This scarf is based on the painting Feeding in the Light, a tribute to Jerry Garcia’s deep love of the ocean and skin diving, later renamed “Neighbors” by Garcia, indicating his awareness of the interaction between ocean species.  Material: 100% viscose. Dimensions: 68” x 28” with 3” knotted string fringe.
· Wetlands I: A subtle medley of complementary multi-hues creates an elegantly artistic look. Available in two distinct styles. These scarves are based on Wetlands I, one of Jerry Garcia's first airbrush paintings in this dynamic style, which endures as one of his most popular works. Wetlands I Scarf: Material: 100% viscose. Dimensions: 70” x 38”. Wetlands I Wrap: Material: 100% polyester. Dimensions: 70” x 43”.

Jerry Garcia’s Art: Inspiring Fashion
In addition to gaining worldwide fame as a guitarist in The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was a notable artist. Garcia studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and his art includes works in watercolor, gouache, pencil, ink, airbrush and digital media. His pieces are highly collectible and have been shown in galleries across the U.S. While on the road between concerts, Garcia spent many hours sketching in small notebooks and painting with watercolors. He experimented with acrylics and airbrush painting when he was home. Jerry had the ability to simply draw without a plan or thought of anything in particular, often simply allowing the image to emerge from the materials. When his art was shown in a New York City gallery in 1991, a tie manufacturer thought that Jerry’s art would look great on neckwear and thereafter, Jerry allowed his art to be licensed to J. Garcia Art in Neckwear for this purpose. It was a popular sight in the 1990s to see men of all ages wearing a distinctive J. Garcia tie. And in 2013, a stylish collection of women’s fashion scarves based on Jerry Garcia’s artwork has been created for women.

About Garcia Artwear

Designed by two best friends who share a love of fashion, designs in the Garcia Artwear collection are inspired by the artwork of Jerry Garcia and created by the Titan Design Group. The team behind Garcia Artwear has paired their passion for Jerry Garcia’s artwork with a history of successful retail launches. Members of the team that originally created J. Garcia neckwear, the popular neck ties that were a stylish staple for men throughout the 1990s, have collaborated to develop this new collection of scarves. Use of the Jerry Garcia name is licensed to Titan Design Group by The Garcia Family LLC. For more information, go to Follow Garcia Artwear on Facebook at

Friday, October 4, 2013

Justin Bieber in Parachute Pants

Justin Bieber was photographed wearing daniel patrick while in Beverly Hills earlier this week! The superstar looked casual pairing his wh...