Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sourcing Online Journal Introduction

Have you heard of the Sourcing Online Journal?  Maybe this would be a good resource for you to utilize if you work in the apparel or textile industry.  Here are some comments from the Sourcing Online Journal.
Fall in Cotton Price Unlikely to Impact Garment Prices

BANGALORE | AHMEDABAD | KOLKATA: Though cotton prices are down 30% in two months, large clothing companies have no plans to reduce prices and pass on the benefit to consumers for propping up falling demand.

“When commodity prices change, the difference is only as good as the amount passed on through the last leg of production,” said Arun Sirdeshmukh, chief executive of the 47-store value apparel chain Reliance Trends, to explain why mill owners and garment units are not lowering prices.”Unless prices remain steady for a while, there may not be a change in pricing,” Sirdeshmukh said.
Raw material costs have been the biggest concern for apparel makers since August as cotton prices increased over 50% due to a global production shortfall. Raw materials account for around 80% of the garment production cost.
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Brazil’s Apparel Industry Is Open for Business, but Challenges Abound
Manufacturers who set their sights on Brazil’s booming fashion market may find the costs daunting.
“It’s one of the most difficult countries to export to. There are more duties, fees and regulations than in most other countries, said Tom Gould, president of Tom Gould Customs Consulting and a senior compliance specialist at Zisser, a San Diego–based law firm that specializes in customs law.
Marc Willingham has first-hand experience with the challenges of cross-country business as president of U.S. operations for the Brazilian footwear collection Carmen Steffens.
“There’s a huge opportunity going into Brazil,” he said. “The currency is so strong, and the people are buying and they love big [international] brands [such as] Victoria’s Secret and MAC. The big challenge is the taxes and duties. It’s a protected market.”

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Cotton Farmers Burdened by Early Rains, Govt PolicyNAGPUR: The early onset of monsoons has proved to be a dampener for the cotton trade as prices came down further on expectations of a better supply in the forthcoming season. Timely rains may bring good news for farmers who may get to start their activities early and hope to reap sooner. But, on the other hand, traders are left bleeding as the prices crashed when they were sitting on a huge stock purchased at a higher rate as cotton prices had touched a peak this year.

Commodity analysts say that there is a bearish outlook for cotton in the next year which means the farmers may not get a very high rate. The April 2012 contract at National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) is quoted at Rs 792 per 20 kg, which comes to Rs 3960 a quintal. If futures are taken as an indication, the rates may open at lower note at the start of the harvest season in the next year.

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Above is just a small sampling of what you can learn from the Sourcing Online Journal.
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