Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kirsten Stewart Goes Cowgirl Chic for Chanel

Way back in March, leaked images of Kirsten Stewart’s ad campaign for Chanel hit the web, but now the brand has officially released a sneak preview of the shoot that shows the star arrive in her usual grungy hoody and beanie, before being glammed up and turned into a Lagerfeld-inspired cowgirl.

In the teaser, the actress dons a variety of pieces from Karl Lagerfeld’s Texan-inspired cowgirl range that were debuted at the 2013/14 Chanel's Métiers d'Art collection in December last year. The video shows Stewart exiting her car and entering the building with a highly sought after Chanel 2014 graffiti backpack, and then follows her transformation into a couture cowgirl by a squad of makeup artists and stylists. Dramatic eye liner cornrows and a huge fringed poncho thrown over a star spangled gown all make an appearance, as do denim dungarees, frilly lace white shirts and Aztec-inspired leggings.

At no time during the film do we see the sulky side of Kirsten she’s become so famous for, and she even cracks a wide smile at around the 50 second mark. She seems completely at ease with modelling and is clearly on great terms with Lagerfeld, as the pair is seen chatting happily and embracing when the shoot is over.

Stewart has been harshly criticized in the past and her penchant for pouting is legendary, but she’s definitely become a bit of a fashion icon recently, and has graduated from her stunning Balenciaga campaigns to becoming the face of the world’s most famous fashion brand.

After the huge success of the Twilight franchise, Stewart could have advertised anything random or entertainment related like Riverbelle, and fans would have flocked to purchase or enjoy whatever she endorsed. She has chosen her campaigns carefully however, and carved out a niche in the couture world that no one can ignore.

Kirsten Stewart is the typical all-American girl and this chic cowboy Chanel campaign seems to have been created especially to suit her. She rocks the look and embodies the Texan spirit, which she said she loved as it’s so very classic USA. Lagerfeld, who’s currently enjoying a bit of a pop culture moment at present, also seems thrilled with their collaboration and trendsetters are sure to want to get their hands on several of the cowgirl-chic pieces from his Chanel 2013/14 Métiers d'Art collection.

Article author: Vanessa James.

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