Monday, May 2, 2011

When does used clothing turn into vintage fashion?

Here is a fashion blog post that attempts to explain the answer to the question, "When does used clothing turn into vintage clothing?".  However, this is simply one persons thoughts on the subject of vintage fashion.  Therefore, at the Fashion Industry Network, their is a discussion opened in the vintage fashion group to allow members of the fashion network to post their thoughts to help answer the question of when does used clothing turn into vintatage fashion? 
If you do not really care what officially makes old clothing technically vintage, you may have more interest in the following:
If you are looking to buy vintage fashion, you may want to try the vintage fashion stores.
If you are looking to buy used clothing, you may want to try used clothing retailers.
If you own a vintage fashion boutique (fashion store), you may want to learn more about vintage fashion wholesalers.

You are welcome to discuss any topic relevant to vintage fashion in the vintage fashion discussion group at the Fashion Industry Network.

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